There are lots of signs you can look out for to indicate your home appliances need repair. Your appliance may refuse to start all together. In some cases, it might stop working while in the middle of doing what it is meant to do. For instance, a dish washer might stop while in the middle of its cycle. A washing machine on the other hand could fail to dry clothes or fail to finish the spin cycle.
When this happens, most users are usually so infuriated over the unprecedented change in conditions and plans that they may neglect their common sense. In the face of such an issue the common sense items that should be checked.

This involves having a look into the power, checking the water and making sure that the lid is properly closed. If you are lucky enough, a hard look will be enough to discern wherever the problem lies. A dish washer that is dripping water could have something covering its outlet.

The next step involves the power connection. You have to ensure that the appliance is connected to an electrical outlet properly. Over time, these connections become loose and that may be the cause of the issue. You can also check whether the plug has electricity. Plugging in an electric lamp is a great way to find out whether a plug has power. If not, the breaker package or power panel needs to be checked.

A machine may not operate in the way it is supposed to if its door is not sealed properly. This is common for most home appliances ranging from refrigerators to deep freezers, microwaves and blenders. A dryer will not work if its door is ajar. Therefore, there is no need to disassemble an appliance every time it presents an issue. The problem could be obvious and simple.